KITT Engineering employs a large scope of technologies and private R&D to bridge the gap between creative concepts and the final realisation. We concentrate on the main objective of our custom, and pursue "real world" solutions.


KITT Engineering is conducting "in house" research. Beside the development of MIMIC and Control systems we accept contract research if the yield also benefits our mission. The R&D activities range from literature- and product evaluation to software- and hardware development. Sometimes this means we "downscale" high-end (Aerospace, Industrial, Military) technology so that it can be employed in a more practical ways.



In the past years KITT has contributed to complex multidisciplinary projects. During these projects our services evolved (and they still do!). In our mission we state that we want to bridge the gap between the idea and the technology needed to realise the idea. The services we offer are the instruments to fulfill the mission. An important activity is to make an inventory of the concept(s), the targets, the people involved, possible technologies etc. Although this seems a normal engineering task, artists and engineers are not likely to speak the same language. We have learned the languages of artists, designers and facility-managers. Our consultancy service is a powerfull interface to connect the disciplines needed.

On site

Company car Systems are usually prepared at our premises. During events, or the installation of a complex system, we offer operational service. On site we adapt and tune the delivered technology. Working in "Non forgiving" environments like TV studio's keeps our quality standards high. Fieldwork is indispensable to anticipate possible problems in the "real world".