KITT Engineering started as a creative IT applicator in 1995. KITT profiled itself as an engineering agency at the edge of  Art and Technique. Thanks to the wide spectrum of technologies like sensors, interfacing, hard-and softwaredevelopment, KITT builds bridges between creative ideas and realization. In the past 15 years a great number of succesfull projects were completed and KITT built up a very good reputation.

Apart from the creative projects KITT works as a co-developer for the industry. As co-developer we combine our own expertise with the client’s expertise in order to develop a better product or service together. It’s exciting to see there’s an increasing cross-pollination between creative projects and more application oriented contractresearch. The ‘Arts’ create problems and issues, one normally in terms of  ‘good engineering prsctice’ would avoid. By finding solutions boundaries are pushed and inventions done.


Recent Projects

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