‘Natural interaction’ is the key-element  in most of the  projects or products by KITT Engineering. This applies to art-installations, as well as the footballwall we developed together with Yalp. Although we are involved with this for over 15 years, it’s not untill the last few years, that is has become generally known. Game consoles like the Wii and X-box (kinect) literally take the game ‘out of the box’.

We believe there will be a growing market for these services and products. The trick is to choose the ‘level of ambition’ in a clever way, that product ideas can be realized on short term, from ‘proof of concept’ to a robust product. We meet this challenge in our individual projectplan, as well as in the collective project.
Last year KITT Engineering started a structural collaboration with the Human Media Interaction group of the University of Twente. In the upcomimg four years, we will take part in the COMMIT project (P2 Interaction for Universal Access). We don’t receive subsidy, but contribute with 25K euro yearly ‘in kind’. This is a win-win situation, because we obtain academic support, as well as access to representative testlocations in public areas. There’s a lot of knowledge at the UT, and they provide us with leading edge technology and concepts, which we can apply in real life situations,

Recent Projects

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