lockngoAccording to mayor Patrick Moenaert it is a real European novelty. About 20 car parking’s were  removed to make room for bicycles.The underground Lock & Go parking Zand opened in Brugge (Belgium) October 2012. Already there 260 requests for 164 more places. The Sint-Jozefschool in Brugge bought 50 subscriptions for bicycles. The interest in underground bicycle parking is enormous. At Inter parking more than 260 requests were submitted. And not just for people who want to leave their bicycle for awhole week, some citizens buy a ticket for 5 euro because they want to go the market on Saturday and need a place to park their bicycle safely. Also the regular shoppers are very interested.

Subscriptions for students
Not only the shopping citizens of Brugge are interested. Frans Cool, director of the Saint-Jozef Humaniora, firmly believes in underground bicycle parking. He immediately ordered 50 subscriptions for his sixth year pupils, and even his fifth years pupils might start to use it. The cycle shed at our school is too small for the number of pupils. This new bicycle-parking is the perfect solution for us.

KITT Engineering worked together with LOCK’N’Go Fietsklamp BV, to roll out this innovative bicycle parking-system all over  Europe.


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