A successful Kenyan/Dutch cooperation between Cladlight, Kitt Engineering, 1%Club and NaiLab could  save thousands of motorcyclists’ lives in 2015!CladLight-fin

Kenya is characterized by poor infrastructure (though improving fast), high numbers of unemployed youths and a total disregard of traffic rules. With thousands of deaths in the region as a result of motorcycles per year, technological applications have now come into play to change the situation. In the midst of financial hiccups and with the help of thriving business incubation service, nailab, CladLight has developed an ingenious, unique and innovative product that allows the motorcyclists to remain visible.

CladLight, a Kenya-based wearable tech startup, has created the world’s first smart jacket for motorcycle riders, according to a CNN report.

Launched last April, the Cladlight startup from Nailab aims to make motorcycle riders more visible. CladLight is the first wearable cladlight-kenya-wearable-techtechnology company in the African region. Technology is engineered to improve our standards of living. Cladlight combines the latest technologies in the world in solving local problems and for the betterment our society’s status.

The first product is dubbed the “Smart Jacket,” a reflector vest fitted with LED lights, a rechargeable battery and transmitters. The jacket uses wireless technology to connect an on board transmitter mounted on the motorcycle. This allows it to detect and reflect in real time the rider’s movements at traffic lights and turnings.demo_day

KITT Engineering was asked to help with the final development of a custom PCB Design + Software for the Cladlight concept. Together with Cladlight we will work hard the next few months to realise a first batch of 400 Jackets ready for the worldwide market.smart-jacket

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